277,282-284 Such therapies should include a regular weight baring

277,282-284 Such therapies should include a regular weight baring

277,282-284 Such therapies should include a regular weight baring Posted on by admin
277,282-284 Such therapies should include a regular weight baring exercise program, vitamin D and calcium supplementation. The
administration of bone active agents such as bisphosphonates may be appropriate for individual patients.277,282,302 Patients on long-term corticosteroid treatment should be monitored for bone disease by baseline and annual bone mineral densitometry of the lumbar spine and hip.277,282,300,303 Like other patients MLN8237 mw suffering from chronic liver disease patients with AIH should be protected against hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis A virus (HAV). Vaccination should be done as early as possible even before immunosuppression is started because of lower response rates. Treatment
regimens have been less rigorously established in children than in adults and to some extent, they reflect the preferences of individual Kinase Inhibitor Library mouse centers.35,36,120,279-281,283,305-309 There have been no randomized, controlled, treatment trials in children with autoimmune hepatitis, but several reports of 17 or more children have documented the efficacy of regimens similar to those used in adults (Table 7).35,36,279-281 Despite the severe disease at presentation, the response to treatment with corticosteroids with or without azathioprine is generally excellent in children. Normalization of liver tests is noted after 6-9 months of therapy in 75%-90%. Prednisone is the mainstay in virtually all reported regimens for children, and it is usually administered initially in a dose of 1-2 mg/kg daily
(up to 60 mg daily) (Table 7).35,36,279-281 Tapering schedules vary widely. In some centers, a rapid switch to alternate day regimens has been advocated, whereas in other centers, PTK6 maintenance of a low dose daily schedule is considered essential. Because of the significant deleterious effects of long-term intermediate or high dose corticosteroid therapy on linear growth, bone development, and physical appearance, early use of azathioprine (1-2 mg/kg daily) or 6-mercaptopurine (1.5 mg/kg daily) for all children without contraindications is usually recommended.35,36,279-281,305 Experience with azathioprine alone as maintenance therapy has been limited in children, but the drug appears to hold some promise for those who do not tolerate complete cessation of treatment.305 Regimens incorporating cyclosporin A as initial treatment for children with autoimmune hepatitis do not appear to confer a significant advantage over more traditional therapies, and they should be considered investigational.306-309 Pretreatment evidence of susceptibility to HAV or HBV would justify vaccination against these viruses in children.304 Recommendations: 15.

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