Chiron said: ↑ Could someone here help me figure out why my prolactin level is above normal? I’m male, early 30’s.
I take 25mg DHEA, 50mg pregnenolone, 500mg L-tyrosine, and 400mg CoQ10 every morning. I was on prednisone 5mg for a year and between April-June of this year I was on high dose prednisone for another IBD flare. In August of this year I got off prednisone completely, but not without the help of the hormone supplements.
I’ve bolded the hormones that are out of range.
Prolactin 22.2 (3.8 – 20.6)
Estradiol 86 (<157 pmol/L)
Testosterone 30.8 (8-28.8 nmol/L)
DHEA 9.5 (<15 umol/L)
Progesterone 2.6 (0.4-1.8 nmol/L)
AM Cortisol 324 (125-536 nmol/L)
TSH 0.87 (0.32-5.04 mU/L)
ACTH 19.3 (1.6-13.9 pmol/L)
I do also have thinning hair in the male baldness pattern, but I also have iron deficiency anemia which may be contributing to that. It would've been useful to get DHT tested but it wasn't included. This is the first time I've had estradiol tested so I don't even know what my norm is.
My sex drive is fine, but I don't engage with it very often because if I do, I'm exhausted for days. I thought that maybe the low TSH could mean my pituitary wasn't working but the high ACTH indicates that it probably is. The high ACTH is probably the pituitary trying to get my adrenals working after a year of prednisone. AM cortisol could be higher — my norm is usually in the 450 range.
Progesterone is high likely because of the pregnenolone. My testosterone is naturally high. Last year at the endocrinologist I wasn't taking anything and my T was above normal. That said, I was last tested during a period in my life when I was going to the gym regularly. This T reading is from basically having a sedentary life.
When I stop DHEA and pregnenolone I get unremitting diarrhea within 24 hours that is both debilitating and ties me to the toilet. I got a referral to an endo again but it will be months before I see her.
Any ideas about the high prolactin? Thanks in advance, I know this is a lot of info. Click to expand…
I am a male in my mid 20's and I also have high prolactin. I believe it is caused by low dopamine

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