I’m 7 months from last (6th) Docetaxel and I’ve been on Lupron 13 months. Three months ago stopped Casodex and started Zytiga. So now I’m on 3-month doses of Lupron and xgeva (for bone mets), Zytiga and 5mg prednisone. Doing pretty well. Forcing gym workouts 3-4 x/week, regained 90% strength for lifting weights, but muscle mass ain’t what it used to me. Hot flashes 6 or so times / day, lasting 3 minutes each, so not bad. Some neuropathy in toes, but hands and feet are otherwise fine. My diet is likely responsible for much of my current health — vegan, no alcohol, juicing greens, wheatgrass, etc every day. Working full time — not much chemo fog past 6 months. Fatigue is there, but I push through it with walks, hikes, etc. Knock on wood–I’ve been pretty blessed with all this chemistry–and it’s working. PSA last month 0.40. Good luck. Steve

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