~Sept '18 – Gerrys death: QuadrigaCX Chatlogs

~Sept '18 – Gerrys death: QuadrigaCX Chatlogs

~Sept ’18 – Gerrys death: QuadrigaCX Chatlogs

team crown
further chats with Gerry
Aaron Matthews
Mon, Feb 11, 2019 at 5:28 PM
To: apm.matthews@gmail.com
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Gerry 9:36 AM
haha thats what Alex always says
its a good idea though, I feel like QCX has stagnated this year due to the whole cibc thing and it would give an opportunity to perhaps come up with some new ideas to help grow
Aaron.M 9:37 AM
yeah, that was kinda the 2nd part of what I wanted to ask
What can I do to get some type of advertising etc going for us again?
I know we aren’t there yet on withdrawals, but with more money coming in we can fix this faster
Gerry 9:38 AM
that is a good point, if we were growing and had $29823893298 in new deposits coming in, having money locked up wouldn’t be such a big deal
on the good news front, Billerfy has just sent out $700,000 worth of payments this morning, the backlog is definitely decreasing
Aaron.M 9:40 AM
sweet πŸ™‚
So what would u think of getting some new online advertising, I also was thinking of getting Lilly and maybe another ( New social ) rep of roaming online BTC forms and running threads etc
Gerry 9:41 AM
I don’t think google allows crypto advertising anymore, that was our old method of advertising, but there are still some ad networks that wokr
Aaron.M 9:42 AM
I know a lot of them can be troll spots etc but would be good for access, ie like Lilly speaks Russian and other languages
They have recently lifted the restrictions but not IPO etc, so would need to reach out to google and ask for sure
Gerry 9:42 AM
personally I find social media to be the most frustrating place as it seems that everyone is an idiot lol
Aaron.M 9:44 AM
lol, yeah they are gen hate fueled environments. But long term if we can get things smoothed out. It should be good advertising points
u have any other idea’s for marketing?
Gerry 9:45 AM
I feel like the Canadian crypto market is kinda saturated with companies all offering roughly the same thing, I’m wondering if there are other markets or specific alt coin things that would be better to focus on
Aaron.M 9:46 AM
hmhmh, which we are slowly working towards
Gerry 9:46 AM
I would love to have more international clients as well
Aaron.M 9:46 AM
Gerry 9:46 AM
some of our best clients are from asia
Aaron.M 9:46 AM
thats y I say Lilly and other social ppl reaching out on international forums
ok, so with that in mind. We need to focus on that region first then move on to say Europe.
But we need to make sure they know we are here etc
Gerry 9:47 AM
do you think social media or actual advertising spending is best
I’m not against spending money on an ad campaign
Aaron.M 9:48 AM
ad’s will prob spread us further more effectively then social
Gerry 9:48 AM
I feel the same
we currently have 364,164 users – that has been pretty stagnant for the past few months
Aaron.M 9:49 AM
If we are focusing on say Asia for a region, would we be willing to hire a verification rep from say the same region? someone who can help with direct problems
Gerry 9:50 AM
if we need it, yes, though at the moment we ‘re almost caught up on verifications so we probably wouldn’t need it right away
has Dave been doing verifications
Aaron.M 9:57 AM
Dave , J both have been. Mostly focusing on video chats and misc tickets now for those two
Though both are trained to help when we need them too
Gerry 9:59 AM
ok cool, one of the big things I’d like to avoid is a massive verification backlog like we had back in january
people signed up and would wait months to use our services
Aaron.M 10:00 AM
Agree, it was almost 1 yr behind at 1 point
Technically if we get busy, everyone on our team except Lilly can dedicate time daily to Verifications when needed
So we should be able to handle most volume
If it got bad, we could bring on a few more verifications only agents to help
Gerry 10:02 AM
ya, plus I’m less concerned with foreign users when they aren’t able to use things like interac, as wires aren’t quite as suseptible to fraud
Aaron.M 10:03 AM
Yeah and they are mostly only use to those services
So should be easy to pick them up as client’s
Maybe make bank wire no verifications needed. As I get them i can go in and make them equifax verifed for 12 methods as we go
Just make verification required for the withdrawal aspect so ppl arent flooding us with crypto
Gerry 10:05 AM
we definitely need some verification for bank wire, but 1 is enough
Aaron.M 10:06 AM
Flinks would be the perfect fit for international customers. We could verify as we take their banking info. Allows them to get access quickly like cad users
Gerry 10:06 AM
are there any crypto-specific advertising networks that you are familiar with
Aaron.M 10:07 AM
None specifically, used a couple for my own sites but pretty sure they are gone now
Gonna research them now
Also fyi Flinks upped their prices, so will have to review those again before making a move on them
Gerry 10:09 AM
Just forwarded you a potential partnership with an ATM copmany
sent from our rep at flexepin
Aaron.M 10:09 AM
Oh no way?
Gerry 10:10 AM
ya it looks kinda neat
Aaron.M 10:10 AM
They would be helpful
Will reach out to them now as well
Gerry 10:12 AM
sounds like they basically want to sell qcx vouchers on the atms
Aaron.M 10:13 AM
Ha! Thats what we talked about when flexepin first came around
Gerry 10:14 AM
ya, so definitely would be cool to get it going, could probably do it with our already in place voucher system
Aaron.M 10:16 AM
wow cash out too
Gerry 10:16 AM
ya it sounds cool, despite the relatively high fees
Aaron.M 10:16 AM
yeah thats my only thing I was about to say
it’s gonna be hard for us to tac a fee on too
Gerry 10:16 AM
however it makes sense, ATM operators don’t want to harm their own business by making it super cheap to use us
Aaron.M 10:17 AM
Technically we get our fee’s on trading as well, would u use them at no fee on our end?
Gerry 10:18 AM
I think we could still charge a small fee
any Canadian who uses a bitcoin ATM is already accustomed to paying insane rates
Aaron.M 10:21 AM
ok so example of funding. 3.5% of 500 for them 17.5, then say 1.5% for us 7.5?
it’s what 35? to use flexepin in full?
accounting their fee and ours
Gerry 10:26 AM
I’m not quite sure what flexepin charges in stores
Aaron.M 10:27 AM
no idea for in store either
online it’s 15$, https://www.topmeup.ca/opv/Purchase.aspx?product=FLEXPE
Purchase paysafecard, Neosurf, Flexepin, or ecoVoucher to shop online without a credit card.
then our fee on deposit, so this would def be exciting depending on their coverage
Gerry 10:28 AM
ya, and I think they have quite a few ATMs
plus I like the forex store option too
Aaron.M 10:29 AM
yeah physical cards would be really exciting, plus it says may be in Panama one day
Note: The BTM (ATM Machine) would like all settlements for payouts done in BTC. The determination of spot rate of BTC would be a point of negotiation.
wow so they should be really easy for us to pay as well?
Gerry 10:31 AM
ya I kinda like that part, not having to worry about sending them CAD
Aaron.M 10:31 AM
that alone would allow us to bypass some of this back log no? As our btc reserves larger then cash at the moment
Gerry 10:32 AM
yes, definitely, although obviously I need to buy that bitcoin
Aaron.M 10:33 AM
for withdrawal, could we not set up your only able to use that method with btc?
ie no trading for cad or usd to use for that card but rather they sell the btc to us plus the fee
Gerry 10:33 AM
I’m curious how many people would use it
in the best case scenario, it balances out and then we don’t have to have constant settlements with them
Aaron.M 10:35 AM
can cash out up to 2900 a day per customer
I’m betting a lot would use it just to get cash out fast
“instant” withdrawals
Gerry 10:35 AM
ya, that is pretty cool
if they are charging 2.5% I think we could easily charge 1.5% on our end
Aaron.M 10:36 AM
yeah, doesn’t seem like a bad number to tac on
and likely is on 500 batches
Gerry 10:37 AM
ya, this would be good to get setup
Aaron.M 10:38 AM
agree, very good find !
hopefully they can implement fast as this would be amazing to help
Gerry 10:39 AM
ya, can you contact him and see how we can get it gong
Aaron.M 10:39 AM
already done while talking, waiting on response.
Gerry 10:40 AM
ok cool
Aaron.M 10:41 AM
how much did u spend on google ads?
Crypto Ads Platform – TokenAd
Monetize your bitcoin and crypto website using highly profitable ad formats
Gerry 10:42 AM
quite a bit, I think I had it at $1000 per day at one point when we were growing super fat
Aaron.M 10:42 AM
ok, was going to say I see a lot of sites listing this company as #1 but they require 10k down to start
Gerry 10:43 AM
interesting, are they legit
Aaron.M 10:44 AM
gonna read up on reviews now
pay via btc
targets about 52 diff countries in multiple languages
Gerry 10:46 AM
banner ads or text?
Aaron.M 10:47 AM
Native adds, banner adds, bottom line adds, video adds,
Gerry 10:47 AM
one thing I like to do when running an ad campaign is to use one of our referral links to help track signups from it
Aaron.M 10:49 AM
ok sent off an email to the top 5 of them, will get info on their companies and let u decide
Gerry 10:49 AM
cool thanks
Aaron.M 10:49 AM
made the tracking on our end via referral a requisite in my email
Np excited to help on this, with the new site and app coming. Will be perfect to get this going along with those
Sorry for taking up so much time today lol πŸ™‚
Gerry 10:51 AM
np πŸ™‚
I need to have a look at the new site, haven’t poked around it lately
Aaron.M 10:52 AM
u should, Alex I know would love ur feedback
Aaron.M 11:05 AM
did u send this customers cc withdrawals ?
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Not seeing them in my history
Gerry 11:06 AM
they’re in a batch done by billerfy
should arrive this week
Aaron.M 11:06 AM
10-4 ty
wanted to double check on this one, 4125101
should be one clearing any day
Gerry 11:09 AM
ya, as per usual, she should have got one a few days ago
Aaron.M 11:09 AM
also, lol 25346
Yeah she got one last week
Gerry 11:10 AM
will double check on that one shortly
Aaron.M 11:11 AM
u just responded to him now
Gerry 11:11 AM
Aaron.M 11:12 AM
solves that 1
Aaron.M 11:18 AM
did u find out more info on this customers last withdrawal , 2353619
Gerry 11:22 AM
already responded to them yesteray
Aaron.M 11:22 AM
ok ty
Gerry 11:43 AM
oops wrong window
Aaron.M 3:29 PM
do u have a rough eta of this customers recent withdrawals?
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Gerry 3:30 PM
Those ones should be there by early next week
Aaron.M 3:30 PM
score ty
u see the pending drafts?
Gerry 3:30 PM
Aaron.M 3:30 PM
80k and 40k woot
Gerry 3:30 PM
few of them
Aaron.M 3:32 PM
will be some decent pays to send out of that
Gerry 3:33 PM
ya, hopefully they arrive later this week
good news, Crypto Capital just got new bank info
Aaron.M 3:33 PM
that’s good news, both cad and usd?
Gerry 3:33 PM
its in Taiwan
Aaron.M 3:34 PM
hmhmhm wonder if we could use them
will be nice to have that sorted out on the cc front
Gerry 3:35 PM
ya should get things moving there again
Aaron.M 10:18 AM
Good morning, how are you feeling today?
Gerry 10:18 AM
Good morning
bit better than yesterday
Aaron.M 10:19 AM
Glad to hear that, nothing help being home to help you feel better
Howd ur ticket blast go yesterday? Clear many?
Gerry 10:29 AM
not too bad, still have about 170 to go
but a lot of those are just responses like “ok sounds good” rather than new issues
Aaron.M 10:31 AM
yeah no doubt
eep 200 verifications left, lol was down to 175 this am
Gerry 10:34 AM
Aaron.M 10:35 AM
Going down fast, will be zero by end of the week
after that I get roughly 10-15 V tickets a day and what random amounts show back up in admin
Aaron.M 10:57 AM
Has volume changed any? or still around 200 btc a day?
Gerry 10:58 AM
our volume?
its low today, but was 500 a few days ago
Aaron.M 10:58 AM
not bad then so still roughly the same
Gerry 10:59 AM
ya its been fairly stable
Aaron.M 11:01 AM
ok good to know that, haven’t been watching it much lately.
Aaron.M 1:32 PM
did this one ever bounce back to you?
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
transit # is wrong, customer is advising he didn’t receive the funds.
Gerry 3:50 PM
seems like it did since its already been reversed
Aaron.M 4:21 PM
I just reversed it now
but the banking info he sent over def didn’t match
Gerry 4:22 PM
ah ok
will have to find where I sent it from
Aaron.M 4:22 PM
withdrawals are on hold so u have time
btc is soooo slow today
are we able to process this guys withdrawals? https://www.quadrigacx.com/admin/users/withdrawals/4070141
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Also forgot to remind u about the finconnect customer
Gerry 4:34 PM
combined those 3 and put them in the wire list, should arrive next week
ya I forgot about the fin connect guy too, then used the $260k that was in there for a bunch of EFTs, so will try to remember tomorrow
Aaron.M 4:36 PM
Lol np will remind u in the am
ty on the other customer though, any luck finding that transaction?
Gerry 4:37 PM
wait is this from January?
Aaron.M 4:37 PM
right old transaction
Gerry 4:38 PM
it got refunded, so all good
Aaron.M 4:38 PM
xxxx 004 xxxxxxx is the correct info
cool, funky how it doesn’t pick random ones up.
is the eth hot wallet being filled?
Gerry 4:41 PM
I see the big withdrawal, it will go out soon
currently only has about 650 in it
Aaron.M 4:41 PM
yeah they always bug
was bugging about btc first now eth
Gerry 4:41 PM
Aaron.M 8:54 PM
what happens If I complete my withdrawal for btc on admin?
Gerry 8:01 AM
Good morning
nothing, that it for if its done manually
topping up hot wallets now
was that 85k draft received?
Aaron.M 8:11 AM
Good morning
Yip already deposited
Gerry 8:13 AM
cool, when does it clear
Aaron.M 8:13 AM
By next Wednesdays
Gerry 8:14 AM
What are the current balances
Aaron.M 8:17 AM
18k clear in cibc, and 20k pending in td
Will be 103k by next week in cibc and 20k clear td
Gerry 8:17 AM
ok cool
Aaron.M 8:18 AM
Hopefully that 40k one comes through this week
Then can send a bunch out for u
Gerry 8:19 AM
just sent an email for ones to send when possilbe
Aaron.M 8:20 AM
Ur am going well so far?
Gerry 8:23 AM
so far pretty good
bunch of wires were sent out overnight so thats should make some happy clients
Aaron.M 8:25 AM
Sounds good to me, reminding u abput the finconnect guy
Gerry 8:25 AM
ah yes
Aaron.M 8:25 AM
Morning going well here, just waking up.
Aaron.M 8:51 AM
any rough eta on this withdrawal? https://www.quadrigacx.com/admin/withdrawals/details/1024607
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Gerry 8:52 AM
not 100% sure where that one is on the queue, think its close ish to the top in the wires
Aaron.M 8:52 AM
guy is saying his banking info changed, able to cancel it?
Gerry 8:52 AM
argh typical
Aaron.M 8:52 AM
Gerry 8:53 AM
remind me in about half an hour doing something else on my other comp
Aaron.M 8:53 AM
sounds good
Aaron.M 10:25 AM
hey hey
Got time to check in to that withdrawal?
Gerry 10:26 AM
its in the list of wires to go out that hasn’t been sent yet, so most likely in the next few days
Aaron.M 10:26 AM
ok so we can cancel it?
or adjust the info?
Gerry 10:28 AM
I’ve just removed it and cancelled it
Aaron.M 10:28 AM
perfect will update him, ty for checking.
Aaron.M 10:53 AM
Just wanted to check on the hot wallets for eth and btc
seems to be a back log starting on them
Gerry 10:53 AM
I’ve withdrawn coins from other exchanges where I had some for easy access and just waiting on those to go through
also have a biggish btc transfer that I sent to the hot wallet an hour ago that is waiting confirmation
Aaron.M 10:54 AM
sounds good, btc is quite slow last couple days
Gerry 10:54 AM
ya and blocks are fairly full
Aaron.M 10:56 AM
yeah noticed that my self, was there any update on the fin connect customer
Gerry 10:56 AM
just waiting on today’s settlement which should be in about 35 mins
then I”ll transfer that
Aaron.M 10:56 AM
10-4 standing by on that one
Dez is wondering on transfers as well, he opened an account with the same bank as Crypto Capital
Gerry 10:58 AM
I’ll have a look at his shortly
Aaron.M 10:58 AM
I have been talking to Crypto Capital and I have a bank account with them and would like to withdraw via bank wire to Crypto Capital, I have to simply reference my account number when sending the wire to Crypto Capital with final credit to my CAD dollar account.
Crypto Capital team said this would be easy since you work closely together. There is no intermediary banks and the wire is sent to outside Canada making it beneficial for all parties involved.
More so wondering if for future withdrawals
if we could transfer in this manner?
Was thinking I should just advise to continue to use CC, where they have a new banking partner for both CAD and USD
that it will be back to standard transfer times with them shortly
Gerry 11:00 AM
I’m going to soon change our CAD banking back to the new CC bank partner so that should get funds in there soon
Aaron.M 11:01 AM
sounds good so will advise just to utilize CC
Aaron.M 11:18 AM
when searching for this customer I can’t find him
Michael Client# xxxxx Change of Banking Info
doesn’t seem to be any of these
Aaron.M 11:18 AM
File Uploaded: Screen Shot 2018-10-18 at 11.18.25 AM.png
Gerry 11:19 AM
that number is the transaction ID
its confusing but we use our withdrawal transaction IDs but the banks for some reason call it client ID
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Aaron.M 11:19 AM
ahh ok it was for withdrawals.
Gerry 11:20 AM
ya sorry that was confusing
Aaron.M 11:21 AM
lol no prob, just to confirm his transfers went through but his info needs to be updated?
or am I canceling any of his past withdrawals
Gerry 11:26 AM
no don’t cancel them
I think they are going through in the end but I think the bank just needs to make modifications each time
Aaron.M 11:26 AM
sounds good just wanted to make sure when he asked.
God this dez guy doesn’t stop, wants to do 500k a day with cc when they are up and running.
Gerry 11:27 AM
Aaron.M 11:27 AM
Want to say to this guy yes sure we can handle that when our funds are released from cibc
lol fudge, guy emails me like 10 times a day
Gerry 11:28 AM
lol some of these clients are super annoying
they’re like “oo money to be made with arbitrage”
without understanding why the arb opportunity is there
Aaron.M 11:28 AM
lol pretty well eh
Gerry 11:34 AM
ok so whats the thing with finconnect
Aaron.M 11:35 AM
would like to transfer back to his fin connect account
Gerry 11:36 AM
how much
Aaron.M 11:36 AM
his current balance
Gerry 11:40 AM
Done. He now has to accept it in his Finconnect account. With that said, Please inform him that we cannot do this on a regular basis as we have no easy way to fund our fin connect account.
Aaron.M 11:40 AM
10-4 will advise
is funding that way ok? just not withdrawan
Gerry 11:42 AM
Aaron.M 12:03 PM
the atm company is wondering if u can sign this, I have a conference call set up with them tmr
slowly uploading…..
Aaron.M 12:04 PM
File Uploaded: MNDA Quadriga Instacoin.pdf
Gerry 12:05 PM
it just started snowing here
Aaron.M 12:05 PM
same here
Gerry 12:06 PM
will read this
Aaron.M 12:14 PM
Sounds good, will be interesting to do this call tmr. By the sounds of this we should be able to to get this running quickly.
Aaron.M 1:47 PM
Ugh dez is still bugging on those wires. When there are funds in our cc account could we try sending a wire to his cc bank account?
My only problem is its likely a manual process for u?
Gerry 1:48 PM
Yes, but there definitely isn’t $500k per day worth in there
Aaron.M 1:49 PM
I know and have been telling him that for hrs.
Guy is persistent
Aaron.M 1:54 PM
How much do u think we can handle per week?
Gerry 1:57 PM
really depends on incoming wires
or if CIBC gives our money back, unlimited lol
Aaron.M 1:57 PM
I know eh, I am just waiting for the day its released.
Hes trying to get in the 500k region per week
Gerry 2:03 PM
is he just trying to arbitrage it cause the price is higher than elsewhere?
Aaron.M 2:04 PM
Cant say for sure, but has to be as he uses cc
Its a hard spot dont want to push away biz, but we also have other customers
Gerry 2:04 PM
ya and the delays are currently beyond our control as well
Aaron.M 2:05 PM
Aaron.M 2:18 PM
This one is bugging Lilly again.
Gerry 2:19 PM
will check shortly where he is on the list of wires to go
Aaron.M 2:19 PM
Aaron.M 2:37 PM
U read that email from Carlos?
Gerry 2:43 PM
not yet
Aaron.M 2:48 PM
ok sounds good, doubt it will change your thoughts much. They have great plus’s to their bank but they do require a lot of info etc
Gerry 2:50 PM
haha, Andrew xxxxx has just had his bank account shut down by CIBC
Aaron.M 2:50 PM
lol was waiting for u to react to that
fing cibc lol
Aaron.M 3:18 PM
U get a chance to review that nda, pretty sure they need that before our meeting
Gerry 3:26 PM
not yet, should either tonight or first thing in the morning
just mass responded to my tickets
Aaron.M 3:27 PM
Sounds good, u can send any misc response back to me if they dont need u
Let me know what u think of Carlos response too when u have a chance
Dont think it will change much
Aaron.M 4:43 PM
That was a messed up email
Gerry 5:00 PM
which one, the one from Geoff?
Aaron.M 5:06 PM
U see my response to the email?
Gerry 5:06 PM
not sure exactly what do with thinm
He was one of our first big clients. Back in Toronto, years ago, at a meet up he handed me a cheque for $50k to buy ETH
before ETH launched
I know the guy has made at least $2-5m from it
I personally bought much of his holdings when ETH was at $35 (score for me lol)
Aaron.M 5:07 PM
Hmmhmh so like I say would us locking in the funds and having ur lawyer draw up an letter with value etc help?
Gerry 5:09 PM
it definitely is a weird situation. I’ll talk to Margaret to see what she thinks
Aaron.M 5:09 PM
K let me know if she comes up with anything. There is that loan company that takes crypto as capital
A couple of them I know. If he is willing to put his funds behind it. He could get a loan and when paid back he gets his crypto back
Gerry 5:13 PM
I’ve had a similar situation when building a home. The builder wanted proof of assets. I showed him a bank account and he was cool with it. I imagine that this is less of a concern than he thinks it is
Aaron.M 5:22 PM
Ah true enough, plus he should have lots of funds with the amount of crypto he has sold
Let me know if Margaret has a plan for him
Apperantly I have to sign the nda as well.
U just e sign them eh?
Gerry 5:26 PM
I have a signature of mine in the PDF reader that I just put on it
Aaron.M 5:28 PM
Hmmh may have to do that my self
No printer or scanner at my house
Gerry 5:28 PM
ya thats the easiet
you can do it in the preview thing on your mac
Aaron.M 5:29 PM
Ok cool, will do then. I’ll sign mine after u
Aaron.M 6:57 PM
Small update on advertising companies
Pretty well all big ones wont allow an exchange to advertise unless we are legally regulated.
That crypto company hasnt got back to me yet. But sounds like we are going to be stuck with one like them
Only prob with those companies, is they are mainly advertising in random places. Though they have 55 plus countries, biggest country is russia and even less favorable as the list goes on
Those arent really our target countries
Unless u like all those ex Soviet countries and African countries lol
Sounds like this may be more manual. So I’m gonna learn a bit more our target countries
See if we cant find a way to target them manually. Ie like main crypto threads for china etc
Gerry 10:47 AM
lol signed thing ;p
Aaron.M 11:05 AM
good morning, how goes buddy
Are you going to join the conference call today?
Gerry 11:10 AM
Good morning
pretty good
Probably not, one of Jen’s friends is getting married this weekend and we are going down near Lunenburg this afternoon
Aaron.M 11:12 AM
ahh no doubt, should be fine
U need anything done today?
Gerry 11:13 AM
nothing comes to mind at the moment
just the usual
wow, that CIBC ruined my life post has gotten a crazy amount of traction
Aaron.M 11:13 AM
ok kool, everything is done on my end so far
yeah thats a crazy story eh, guy likely ruined his credit and couldn’t get approved for a mortgage anywhere
scary thought, how in the end we are all just slaves to the system. When u misbehave u are punished , ie loose ur home and prob messed his credit up more
Gerry 11:16 AM
I know Adam xxxx (guy who runs all the ATMs out west) had the same issue with Scotiabank
similar situation, they basically just refused to renew his mortgage when it came due
he’s pretty well off so he just paid his full mortgage off
Aaron.M 11:17 AM
I’d be screwed over like this guy lol. Scary thought to think of when I’m gonna be looking to buy a home next yr
Gerry 11:18 AM
when me and Jen bought our house the banks refused to give us a mortgage
me because of crypto
and then she applied on her own while still working for Travelers insurance, and they denied her because in her contract it said that they could force her to move back to Toronto or resign if they ever wanted to (as part of her transfer to Halifax)
Aaron.M 11:19 AM
lol same will likely happen to us next yr. Just waiting till we do our company tax the first time so I can say we legally work
Gerry 11:21 AM
RBC denied me because I couldn’t prove where my money came from lol
which was odd, given that they banned me specifically due to them knowing it came from bitcoin lol
Aaron.M 11:25 AM
u have qcx registered with gov no? they got that specific asking where the money came from?
Gerry 11:27 AM
ya, though at the same time I was trying to dodge the question about bitcoin
to prevent my account getting closed
which ultimately didn’t work lol
Aaron.M 11:28 AM
lol hehehe I tell the banks I run a support company that works for online companies
no specific’s regarding btc
Gerry 11:28 AM
that should probably work a lot better
Aaron.M 11:28 AM
fingers crossed, but they def ask a lot of questions
Gerry 11:29 AM
the other issue I think was that we applied for a mortgage while still living in Toronto, and we only wanted 50% of our house, which to the Toronto mortgage broker was nothing, so they didn’t really try
average house there is like $1.5m, we were only looking for a 200k mortgage
the guy at RBC acted like even filling out the paperwork was a waste of time for him
Aaron.M 11:30 AM
lol 200k is likely the most my mortgage will be here
Gerry 11:31 AM
ya, we probably would have had better luck dealing with someone here
Aaron.M 11:31 AM
u would think making any money would make them work hard.
Gerry 11:31 AM
I guess its a commission for them
Aaron.M 11:32 AM
funky, our banking system def needs to change or get some more competing banks in it
its like where I live, only 1 power company. They can screw u over on prices etc, u know and they know it. Still not a damn thing u can do about it
Gerry 11:33 AM
ya, same issue here with Nova Scotia power
which is owned by a big American corporation
Aaron.M 11:33 AM
I pay 300 a month and I live in a mini home
tell me how that is normal
Gerry 11:33 AM
thats quite a bit
in Toronto, my electric bill in my condo was $40 per month
Aaron.M 11:33 AM
omg I wish
Gerry 11:34 AM
here I’m not sure what it is, Jen pays all the bills
my insurance however is super cheap here
car insurance
I pay $600 per month, vs $2600 in Toronto
Aaron.M 11:35 AM
Yeah most stuff like that is pretty cheap here
My only other big bill is health care but we own our plan so im happy
Gerry 11:35 AM
health care like supplemental health care?
Aaron.M 11:36 AM
Yeah, when I left my old job. U have the option to buy out your plan.
Gerry 11:36 AM
for prescriptions and stuff
Aaron.M 11:36 AM
Close to 400 a month but it’s a premium plan for drugs, dental etc
Gerry 11:37 AM
ya, that adds up. Especially for me. My Crohn’s medicine was $5000 every 7 weeks
Aaron.M 11:38 AM
U have no coverage?
Gerry 11:38 AM
and even if I did, most have annual caps of around 10k
Aaron.M 11:38 AM
Still its worth having
Next time ur wife or u is working for a company. Buy your plan out
U will own it for life
Gerry 11:39 AM
hopefully never have to work for a company πŸ˜ƒ
Aaron.M 11:39 AM
Lol I know was a stupid comment but I think it was the best choice I made when leaving
Gerry 11:40 AM
ya definitely is, I’ve spent so much on dental and stuff
Aaron.M 11:40 AM
Most places wont even let u buy one. U need to have it before from a job
Gerry 11:40 AM
the last time I had supplemental health coverage was in university
actually no, I was on Jen’s plan at her old job
but they denied my Crohn’s medication because it was too expensive and they wanted me to use the cheaper one first
Aaron.M 11:43 AM
I dont think any of that is fair, say we have health coverage in Canada
But the real drugs or treatments still cost thousands
Gerry 11:43 AM
ya, I often say that we don’t have free healthcare, only free diagnosis
Aaron.M 11:44 AM
Pretty well true, or if u do get treatment its sub par
Gerry 11:44 AM
ya, like how the wait here for an MRI is about a year
Aaron.M 11:44 AM
Lol go to a hospital with a broken arm and wait 8 hrs to get it fixed
Gerry 11:44 AM
to get certain tests for Crohn’s here, my doctor lies to the hospital so they’ll do them
I’m supposed to get bone density tests, but the hospital refuses to do them unless I’m taking high doses of prednisone, so my doctor has me lie and say that I’m on 60mg daily so I’m in the super high risk category
Aaron.M 11:46 AM
Lol not surprising, when I went through my bout of bowel problems it dragged on.
Colonoscopy or coloscopy are both very strange events at the hosiptal
Gerry 11:48 AM
I had a the colonoscopy a couple months ago
Aaron.M 11:48 AM
First one I had was un sedated. And was very creepy, nurse held me down. And when it was done there was like 4 female nurse just standing out side the room. Lol I peeled out of the hospital
Gerry 11:49 AM
on my most recent one they gave me fentanyl and kept me awake so I watched the whole thing
was an interesting experience lol
Aaron.M 11:49 AM
The deep one wasnt bad because of the sedation. Was awake as well
That must have been quite the trip
Gerry 11:50 AM
ya, the drug that kills everyone out west
it mainly just makes things not painful
and it wears off super fast
It didn’t seem like something you would get addicted to, which was odd
Aaron.M 11:51 AM
Funny ppl would use it recreationally
Gerry 11:52 AM
I guess in higher doses maybe its more fun lol
Aaron.M 11:52 AM
heads up 4125101 didn’t get anything sent to her this week
Gerry 11:53 AM
hmm ok
Aaron.M 11:59 AM
any further thoughts on her lol?
Gerry 12:00 PM
seems my wire guy sent in a slightly different order than I expected
that user is super annoying, they know there are delays, yet instead complains non-stop instead of taking crypto back
Aaron.M 12:01 PM
I agree, u don’t want to see my email inbox daily
but I imagine urs is the same
Gerry 12:01 PM
lol yup
over the past few weeks my responses have gone from a friendly apology for the delays to a more blunt statement that CIBC has robbed us and the delays may persist, and that they have two options, cancel the payment or wait
most people wait
this week has been pretty good for sending payments overall, I think billerfy has sent out almost $2m, probably around $400k from fin connect, plus another 1m+ in wires
Aaron.M 12:06 PM
a very good amount sent
Yeah ppl do seem to be pretty dense
Gerry 12:06 PM
the one I hate the most is when people respond with “ok, but I don’t bank with CIBC so why does this impact me”
Aaron.M 12:08 PM
lol because they have ur money and mine!
Gerry 12:08 PM
ya, some people don’t seem to understand that lol
Aaron.M 12:08 PM
ugh lol
Aaron.M 2:19 PM
Lol too funny
That ATM company is the same one I reached out to a couple weeks ago
They mentioned u were looking at this in july as well though
So everything seems like it will work easy enough. They will due settlement up front for the withdrawal vouchers
So say we wanted 50k for our first batch. We sent over the btc first then we issues the codes up to that 50k
Will have lawyer docs sent over to u shortly when we get them
Aaron.M 2:43 PM
Oh forgot to mention, this will be exclusive to our exchange only
Aaron.M 4:24 PM
instacoin proposal
File Uploaded: Instacoin – Quadriga Convertible Redeemable Notes – Transaction Outline v2-1.pdf
Instacoin – Quadriga Convertible Redeemable Notes – Transaction Outline v2-1.pdf
Gerry 4:24 PM
awesome, thanks
Aaron.M 4:25 PM
Np buddy, quite excited to get this goin
It should end up working like our current voucher system. So if a customer decides not to cash out they can re deposit it with the same code
Gerry 4:29 PM
ya it seems cool
did they say how quickly it would be able to be setup on their end
Aaron.M 4:29 PM
3 hrs work if not less
Guy thinks it will really only take 1 hr but need alex on that convo
Gerry 4:30 PM
oh cool, so we can get this going next week
Aaron.M 4:30 PM
Technically right away by the sounds of it. They seem to want to take it step by step.
Gerry 4:30 PM
Aaron.M 4:31 PM
So we got this doc now. I say we approve, they will send over lawyer docs for us to sign.
Then get it rolling
Gerry 4:31 PM
cool, I’ll have a look in a min
Aaron.M 4:32 PM
Sounds good its a basic doc. The purchase order also helps us as we dont have to figure out btc price when ppl sell etc
I still think u should get alex to make it so you need a btc balance to use the withdrawal
So we build up for the next orders
Gerry 4:37 PM
so when a user goes to an atm with one of our vouchers, I assume they type it into the machine and then the machine will somehow validate it wth us right
Aaron.M 4:37 PM
and they can withdrawal up to 2900 in one go
not multiple withdrawals
Gerry 4:38 PM
can users go the other way? put cash into the machine and get a quadriga voucher?
Aaron.M 4:38 PM
we get one order say 50k from instacoin, we then use the system they give us thats run through api. We print our own vouchers through that system as we go.
yeah when they go to the atm, they put in the cash. They choose us and it prints our a voucher to deposit on our site
The legal doc will have our settlement terms and schedule on it as well. But I imagine it’s monthly by the sounds of them
Gerry 4:40 PM
ok cool, based on this and the document I approve
they can prepare their legal docs for it
Aaron.M 4:41 PM
sounds good will pass it on
Also fyi they say by next yr atm’s will be all of Canada not just eastern
Gerry 4:42 PM
very cool
Aaron.M 4:43 PM
what is funny, is we both were looking the same company
I was talking to them and then he said the company, and I was like wait a min. I reached out to u guys like a month ago
Gerry 4:44 PM
haha ya that is funny
Aaron.M 4:44 PM
He said it spurred them from their last convo with u in July
Gerry 4:44 PM
what fee are they going to charge again on the cashout
Aaron.M 4:45 PM
1 sec will find the foorum
3.5 in and 2.5 out
we could prob add 2 even instead of 1.5 on our end but up to u
Gerry 4:46 PM
so for someone cashing out and getting cash from instacoin its 2.5%?
Aaron.M 4:47 PM
more in then out
Gerry 4:47 PM
I would even consider making our fee 2.5% to make it an even 5. I know its high but I think people will do it
Aaron.M 4:47 PM
they will, cause it bypass any withdrawal delays
and since that article is out we can openly say this
Gerry 4:48 PM
ya I like it
cool, exciting to see how this goes
Aaron.M 4:48 PM
yeah! darn right, I’m vibing this will add to our new site update and app nicely
and this is an exclusive deal
no other exchange is gonna be offered this after us
I’ll get that in writing too
Gerry 4:49 PM
ya that part is important, as coin square will likely try to jump on it themselves once they see it
they like to copy us
Aaron.M 4:50 PM
then they can use a less established company, these guys have apparently been fighting court battles etc to get into each province
Seem quite smart
Gerry 4:50 PM
court battles with who
the only province that is annoying for bitcoin ATMs is quebec
Aaron.M 4:51 PM
bc province and out west
apparently is hard to get in there they were saying
they seem to get a hard time with all the btc scams out there etc
Gerry 4:52 PM
ya, I’ve seen a few things about that, people lose money to a scam and then sue the bitcoin atm operator
Aaron.M 4:53 PM
yeah was a recent case about that, and wouldn’t be surprised if it was them
Aaron.M 7:24 PM
Noticed intsacoin ATM company uses these guys to advertise www.taboola.com
Same company has been sending me info on other exchanges while browsing
Was also thinking of reaching out to crypto related sites for direct advertising?
Example of 1 https://www.newsbtc.com/advertising/
Advertise With NewsBTC.com | NewsBTC
Advertising prices on NewsBTC which is one of the top bitcoin news on the internet.
Aaron.M 9:45 AM
Good morning, how goes today?
Gerry 9:52 AM
pretty good
how bout you
Aaron.M 9:53 AM
Doing well thank you, just starting my day
Gerry 9:53 AM
have a good weekend?
Aaron.M 9:53 AM
Yeah was a pretty decent weekend, def looking forward to getting away with the trip.
Lol each bump on the road makes it look more appealing
Gerry 9:55 AM
when do you leave again
Aaron.M 9:55 AM
Gerry 9:56 AM
9 days
Aaron.M 9:56 AM
9 long days
Gerry 9:56 AM
got your passports?
Aaron.M 9:57 AM
yup, passports, suitcase is packed, some money for the trip, pretty well all is done
Gerry 9:57 AM
Aaron.M 9:57 AM
Was going to ask if this week we can get the end of month pay sent, that way can get everything done before we leave
Gerry 9:57 AM
Aaron.M 10:00 AM
perfect, that will help greatly.
Am going out for a laptop bag and everything this week. Will have my pc and phone on me during the trip
Gerry 10:01 AM
that’ll be good. Shouldn’t be too much to do while away but good to have it with you
Aaron.M 10:01 AM
indeed should be fine
U see my msg on the weekend regarding advertising?
Gerry 10:01 AM
yes, regarding specific sites like the news one
Aaron.M 10:02 AM
That or I found others that instacoin is using
Aaron.M 10:03 AM
File Uploaded: Capture+_2018-10-22-07-01-41.png
the above screen shot is from outbrain, was right on cnn
Gerry 10:03 AM
interesting, I’ve briefly looked at that one long time ago
Aaron.M 10:04 AM
may be the one to use in conjunction with some online news sites. But likely more easy is we can just find and advertising company
Gerry 10:06 AM
does google allow bitcoin sites again or is that still banned?
Aaron.M 10:07 AM
hard to say, they say no. But adchoices is them no?
Gerry 10:07 AM
ya, they are the same thing I believe
Aaron.M 10:08 AM
I keep seeing tons of btc/flexepin adds on adchoices https://www.youradchoices.com
Reading on them now I guess they may be diff
Gerry 10:08 AM
ya a bunch of ad networks might connect into one
Aaron.M 10:09 AM
www.taboola.com , https://www.youradchoices.com , https://www.outbrain.com seem to be the top choices
Outbrain -Performance-Based Native Advertising Platform
Outbrain is the world’s leading performance-driven discovery and native advertising platform. We help advertisers get discovered on leading publishers websites.
I ready crypto news every day, and those platforms advertise on those news site and also ping me on random normal world news or gaming sites
3 major outlets for daily traffic
Gerry 10:10 AM
ya I think they’re all tied in some how
I’m going to see if I can reactivate our old google campaign
Aaron.M 10:11 AM
ok sounds good, and if a no go I’ll guess we will look into those sites above and find the best one
Duane must be able to help u on this, I see mybtc.ca ads all the time
Gerry 10:13 AM
ya, he did our original one
Aaron.M 10:14 AM
when u have a moment, can I get the 2fa for fin connect as well
Gerry 10:16 AM
Aaron.M 10:16 AM
fire away
Gerry 10:17 AM
Aaron.M 10:17 AM
I’m in
Are you feeling better?
Gerry 10:26 AM
somewhat, but still have a bit of a cold
Aaron.M 10:31 AM
Glad to hear that, winter colds suck when they drag on
Nothing worse than trying to sleep with a dang cough or cold
Gerry 10:33 AM
ya, the coughing is the worst part
but its getting better, should be gone in a few days fully
Aaron.M 10:34 AM
yeah generally the last part to go is the cough. I’m a smoker so it gen sticks to me lol
Gerry 10:36 AM
Aaron.M 11:05 AM
any rough eta on this customers last two withdrawals?
Wanted to check in on another thorn in my side lol, https://www.quadrigacx.com/admin/users/withdrawals/4163470
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Gerry 11:10 AM
hmm not sure about the first one, second is crypto capital so we should be able to do some of those soon, I’m changing the wire instructions today
Alex just made it so I can easily rotate them
Aaron.M 11:13 AM
How long u think on eta for the cc ones to start moving?
Gerry 11:13 AM
hopefully they should be moving again later this sweek
Aaron.M 11:13 AM
Anyway to process his wires?
the small ones
Gerry 11:15 AM
yes, those should get sent either today or tomorrow
Aaron.M 11:18 AM
cool ty, will update him on both
this customer hasn’t got her two last cc withdrawals as of yet either
We checked on her two weeks ago, was supposed to clear last week after our update
Gerry 11:25 AM
hmm, just sent billerfy asking about those ones
Aaron.M 11:25 AM
sounds good, please let me know when they respond
beyond a couple other stragglers those were the trouble cx today
Gerry 11:26 AM
cool, ya my inbox isn’t too bad this morning either
Aaron.M 11:27 AM
fudge got kicked out of finconnect, can I bug 1 more time for that code
Gerry 11:27 AM
yup one sec
Aaron.M 11:27 AM
yeah wasn’t bad at all
Gerry 11:27 AM
Aaron.M 11:27 AM
lol ty again πŸ™‚
Aaron.M 12:29 PM
are we able to process this one xxxxxxx ?
Aaron.M 1:57 PM
Have another credit card payment customer I need to check xxxxxx
Billerfy have a bit of a back log it seems
Gerry 1:59 PM
ya, their bank got mad at them for sending too many bill payments it seems
Aaron.M 1:59 PM
ugh eh, hopefully mine don’t do that
another 90k cheque on the way, debating on which bank to put it in
Gerry 2:00 PM
they shouldn’t, I think it was cause I sent way too many for them to do all at once
Aaron.M 2:00 PM
what did they do shut them down?
Gerry 2:00 PM
don’t think so, they just temporarily froze their account and now I think they are doing them slower
Aaron.M 2:01 PM
hmhmhmh, how many do we currently have pending?
Maybe we should shut off credit card, till each Billerfy , Me, Dave have X amount in our accounts
Gerry 2:01 PM
waiting on an update from them on which ones they’ve sent and which ones not
and yes I will do that I think
Aaron.M 2:02 PM
prob safer, then we can all do 50k batches or something a week for u
and deposit cheque’s slower as will have a build up
Gerry 2:03 PM
just disabled it for now
Aaron.M 2:03 PM
ok sounds good
Gerry 2:04 PM
will send that one you mentioned a min ago via vopay this afternoon
Aaron.M 2:04 PM
How is ur cash build up going for cash withdrawals?
Gerry 2:04 PM
non-existant. Every ATM operator is selling at the moment
Canadians overall are selling crypto, not a huge amount of buying interest at the moment
Aaron.M 2:05 PM
10-4, 1 other customer above waiting on 81550
great lol
Hopefully this company can handle more then 50K a day in volume
Gerry 2:06 PM
ya it’ll be interesting to see
knowing the mechanics of bitcoin ATMs they generally don’t hold that much cash each
my Lamassu one held up to 600 bills, so if they were all 100s that was $60k, but in my experience the people buying from bitcoin ATMs use 20’s, so it never held that much
Aaron.M 2:07 PM
hmhmh will be interesting to see which customers in what demographics use it the most
Might keep their cash ppl running
Aaron.M 2:15 PM
kool, just wanted to check with you as well. Wanted to deposit 200 from bank draft earnings online today, noticed u noticed quite fast last time
So wanted to make sure was good
Gerry 2:25 PM
ya all good
Aaron.M 2:25 PM
K ty, let me know what day this week I’m good to add the pay
No rush as long as we have it by next monday
Gerry 2:26 PM
you can add that now too
Aaron.M 2:27 PM
Ok perfect ty
Aaron.M 10:06 AM
Good morning
Gerry 10:07 AM
good morning
Hows it going
Aaron.M 10:08 AM
Going well so far, just clearing out tickets and chasing after bank wire’s
Just wanted to double check on those credit card customers from yesterday. Can I confirm they are going to be resent?
I can send some this week as well
Gerry 10:10 AM
Yes, they will, should have more info on the credit card ones at some point today
Aaron.M 10:16 AM
are we able to process any of these https://www.quadrigacx.com/admin/users/withdrawals/4199639?
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
xxxxxx, Tatiana never ended up receiving any funds as of yet either
Gerry 10:18 AM
yes, those ones will arrive this week
and shoot I forgot about her
tatiana will definitely get one tomorrow
Aaron.M 10:19 AM
ok perfect will update her on that
Aaron.M 10:28 AM
got another one from the day before
did u find any update on his last two withdrawals
QuadrigaCX – Page not found
Gerry 10:30 AM
ah yes, those were combined into one wire which should be there in a day or two
Aaron.M 10:34 AM
perfect ty
Will update him
1 more lol
Gerry 10:35 AM
that was sent as a wire and should be there today
unless today is already over in Australia, in which case in about 12 hrs
Aaron.M 10:43 AM
Any big plans for this week?>
Gerry 10:43 AM
not really, finally feeling better today from my cold
not 100% better, but about 90%
Aaron.M 10:44 AM
No doubt, weather isn’t the greatest lately too
dang winter lol
Gerry 10:44 AM
ya freezing out lol
Aaron.M 10:49 AM
lol ur telling me, dread that morning walk with the dog at 6am now
Gerry 10:49 AM
haha, ya I hate taking them out now too
good part is when they go out they come back quickly
Aaron.M 10:49 AM
lol yeah they don’t like it either
For when we are able to send Crypto Capital
– xxxxxxx
– cx xxxxxx, xxxxxxx
– xxxxxxx
those ones have been delayed and in contact alot
Aaron.M 1:33 PM
U get that email I forwarded to u?
Gerry 1:47 PM
Yes, will look at it shortly
Gerry 3:27 PM
why can’t these people just send an email lol
Aaron.M 3:36 PM
Was thinking the same thing
I’ll just let h

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